i like boys bodies


Being body positive doesn’t mean that you have to be positive 24/7.
It entails learning to love the body you have.
It’s a journey.
You don’t always have to like your body.
Part of being body positive is unlearning all of the hatred you have toward your body and that doesn’t happen over night.
It’s okay to have bad days.

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need to shampooo my seats and floors they are the only dirty thing about the car!! the outside was spotless when i bought it and i already wiped the dash and stuff, the carpets and seats are super dirty though

it actually came with it which is lovely (the immobilizer) :) the ride height is pretty alright too :) but i will for sure look into that especially because my dads bestfriend owns a shop so im sure he could hook me up! thanks so much anon <3 heres my baby

shes an oldie but a goodie